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Common questions clients ask about vehicle wraps and graphics.

Our Mississauga and Brampton customers will now have their Vehicle Wraps installed at our Mississauga Location at Dixie and Matherson Ave.

We now install trucks and tractor trailers as well as other smaller wraps from this location. We also do our Saturday installations from this location.

Our Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, North York and Caledon customers will sill be served by or Concord Location at the Jane and Langstaff area.

If you are in Toronto the GTA area and would like to have your vehicle wrapped, please contact us at 647-930-1866 so we can schedule your installation in the area that’s most convenient for you.

Get a quote instantly online and call us to get started today.

Try out our Mississauga Vehicle Wrap Location

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Understanding Vehicle Graphics Pricing and How to Reduce Cost Without Sacrificing Results is important if you are on a tight budget. Not quite sure how much to spend? Have lots of questions? Get answers here..

Welcome to the one stop resource center dedicated to helping Business Owners Achieve Success With Vehicle Graphics Advertising While Staying Within their Budget..

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You can produce excellent printed results on your banners, posters, signs or vehicle graphics by following the following simple guidelines.

Graphics generally look acceptable printed at 72dpi resolution. If you double the size of an image its printed resolution is halved.

Many sites provide hi resolution images 300dpi and higher for enlargement, but you will need to check the native image-size to make sure that the size-resolution combination to determine how big you can enlarge it.

Graphics generally look and print well when displayed at a minimum of 72 dpi in their native size. Use the following rule of thumb to determine how large you can print raster based images with acceptable quality.

Divide the native resolution of the image by 72 dpi. then multiply by the height or width. This is the maximum height or width you can print the file to produce a good quality output.

For example, if the native file resolution is 300 and you divide by 72 you get approximately four. This means that you can quadruple the size of the image and it will still look good when printed. Use this guideline for all images being inserted into your graphics for best printed result. Of course if the image is being printed for a billboard or will be viewed from a distance you can get away with going a bit larger. For trade show graphics however stay with the 72 dpi. limit.

Keep in mind that you need to start out with a good quality image in the first place.

Best wishes on you next marketing project.

Derek Creavalle
Vehicle graphics Academy

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