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Vehicle wrap design strategies discussed

Vehicle Graphics is a form of INTERRUPTION MARKETING, in order to be successful…

You need to connect within 3 to 6 seconds…

You want them to say “That’s the company I want to do business with”.

So, how do you do this?

Your marketing and message needs to be very focused to be effective.

The first step is to identify your ideal client… the ones that:

  1. Are the most profitable.
  2. Are the most enjoyable.
  3. Will result in multiple repeat transactions.
  4. Will refer more customers.


How do you get them to notice you?

How do you get them to think of you as the best company to solve their problem?

How do you get them to trust you?

How do you get them to pay you what you’re worth?

Here is a simple solution…

We created a Video Workshop to help you

  • Identify your Ideal Client.
  • Understand what makes them tick.
  • Match your offering, so it resonates with them.
  • Creating an irresistible offer that instantly connects with them.

The Workshop was initially created to help our clients brainstorm, so that they are better able to answer the questions on our “Design Request Worksheet”, but I am happy to make it available to any business owner wishing to increase their chances of success using Vehicle Graphics Marketing.

You may get instant access to the “Your Ideal Client Video” for a small token charge of $9.97

Click on the link below and enjoy for an unlimited time.

This resource should be the foundation for all of your future marketing efforts.

“How to Design For Results with Vehicle Graphics Marketing”
by Derek Creavalle.

Its fairly easy to be successful with Vehicle Graphics… once you understand Marketing.

The biggest problem is effectively communicating with your ideal target customer… The one that’s the best fit for your business and you for theirs.

It all boils down to the design and unfortunately much of it is not obvious.. even for an experienced designer…

Because you are dealing with a 3 dimensional object that is unique to most designers… most are used to working on a flat two dimensional pallet.

Here are some of the basic guidelines for YOU the Business Owner to help you achieve success with Vehicle Graphics Marketing

Here are some of the basic “MUST’S OF VEHICLE GRAPHIC DESIGN”

Focus on ONE Person. Your ideal customer. If you try to appeal to everyone you will appeal to NO one. Your ideal customer must feel like you are communicating directly to them.

Use powerful graphics to create EMOTIONAL attachment. Different Graphics create different emotion in different individuals. The graphic of a mother cuddling a baby, will have the most impact to a new mother. Not only will you get their attention but you will establish credibility with them. This is extremely powerful since statistics show that most people buy on emotion and justify with logic.

Use a powerful slogan to position yourself in the mind of the customer. If your objective is to create mind share, you need to occupy a position in their minds so they immediately associate you with the desired product, service of need.

For example… You must be the computer specialists that caters to the elderly, or the dry cleaner that offers free delivery, or the restaurant that kids eat for free, or the financial planner that specializes in services for young couples.

Being first is powerful, but being perceived as first is even more powerful. Being the only one, or specializing is good. It creates positioning in the customer’s mind.

You are an expert or a consultant. Think of how you can accomplish this with your vehicle graphics message. If should be short and designed to be effective, for repetitive viewing.

The design of your graphics should be consistent with the style and type of vehicle for maximum impact. Remember that there are millions of dollars invested in designing vehicles by companies like Toyota, Honda, BMW, Nissan, Ford GM, and others create designs that appeal to the masses.

Why not take advantage of their expertise, by enhancing the look rather than contradicting it. It will confuse your target customer and result little if any emotional impact. I have seen many vehicles with elaborate graphics that simply do not work with the vehicle. I must confess that some of them have also been produced by us, but only because the customer insisted that this is what they wanted despite our recommendations.

I have also seen vehicles with very simple designs or very little graphic treatment that look very powerful and produce outstanding results. They also cost very little for the customer and were easy to create and install. Usually they were customers who had little if any preconceived ideal and simply said, “Here is what I want to accomplish, surprise me”.

LESS is MORE, design for a glance, but create lasting impression. Remember that your target customer is trying to drive their vehicle, sometimes at high speeds and only two to three seconds to glance at your vehicle. If they are interested, based on the first glance, you may get a second glance and they might even slow down to memorize your website.

You need to decide what information you would like them to remember most. The graphic, your caption or, your URL. Unfortunately, all of the above is not usually a reality, so at best two out of three is excellent.

Focus on the areas of most impact on the vehicle. The rear window and the sides over the rear wheel are the most powerful viewing areas while driving. Even though graphics look much nicer, and flows better on the sides of the vehicle. It is not very effective design strategy if you are focused on areas that are not visible while driving.

It’s very difficult to look at a vehicle that is driving beside you.. for more that a second, without feeling like you are going to slam into it. Try it for yourself. It’s almost impossible to read anything on the sides… unless it is over the rear wheels and you are behind the vehicle.

How about parked vehicles you ask? The sides are definitely a great resource as it allows for more and larger information, but graphics placed on the back and rear still work well if parked strategically. We do emphasize the sides more when designing for contractors, as they spend a significant amount of time parked in neighborhood driveways, targeting cars and nosy neighbors driving by.

Control the flow of the information. The driver has less than three seconds to read the information. The glance should first create interest or emotional attachment and make them feel like they want to know more. It should result in a second glance and leave them with your URL or Phone number in memory.

The eyes will tend to go to a graphic first and then flow from left to right, so don’t put the graphic at the end of the caption otherwise they will not read it. This will only confuse them and they tune out.

Effective Targeted communication is the key to getting results. Remember that you want them to call you or visit your URL so make it easy for them to find and remember it. The phone number or URL should flow naturally.

Remember that you are marketing to your target customer. What’s most important to them, your phone number or URL? If your current URL is long… get a second one that’s shorter and linked it to your current site.

We are not always able to follow all of the guidelines above because of circumstances beyond our control, but we always use the guidelines above to check the final design. So if you are designing for results the above should be an key part of your design process.

I wish you success with your vehicle graphics… now you are ready to work with and choose a designer to make money with Vhicle Graphics and Wraps

Click here the link -> To find out how we can help you with your Vehicle Graphic Design

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Targeted Vehicle Graphics Design is the key to success in Vehicle Graphics Advertising. Our process produces powerful designs that connect with your target customer.

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Here’s my suggestion.

Let us design your graphics and you decide who is best suited to print and install your graphics in your local area.

*Our typical turn around time on design from star to finish is usually within three days.


FULL WRAP Design :
Includes full coverage of the vehicle including windows and roof (if applicable) $475.00

3/4 Wrap Design:
Includes 75% coverage of the vehicle including windows $425.00

1/2 Wrap Design:
Includes 50%l coverage of the vehicle including rear window $395.00

Lettering & Logos Design:
Includes designs of lettering and logos $350.00

All above design packages include the following:
Proofs on vehicle templates that are 20% to scale of your exact vehicle.
Proofs show the sides, back, front, roof and hood.
You have 3 chances to request changes at no additional charge.
You receive the high resolution Ready To Print files (to scale) for each area.
You receive separate outlines files for printing and cutting of any text or logos that need to be applied on top of the main print. This allow for flexibility in changing phone numbers or URL.
You receive a document instructing the Print Company as well as the Installers (if necessary)

If you purchased and completed the Steps to Success Worksheet you will receive the following discounts

(*simply scan and e-mail the completed worksheet with your design request and we will provide the following discounts off of the above prices)

Full WRAP = $75.00 discount
3/4 WRAP = $50.00 discount
1/2 WRAP = $25.00 discount

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Cute and clever graphics gets noticed but in most cases generate very little marketing results.

A good designer focuses on the marketing but is very conscious of the vehicle, the installation challenges, colours, fonts and production considerations.

We have a team of experienced designers who can create READY TO PRINT GRAPHICS that can be printed and installed by even the most inexperienced Vehicle Graphics Company.

Most Large Format Printing Companies or Sign Shops do a fairly good job of printing but lack the Marketing and Design expertise to help Business Owners achieve success with Vehicle Graphics Marketing.

Most simply have not produced enough Vehicle Graphics to be proficient at it. We have learned from our past mistakes in the trenches day in and day out so we are able to anticipate challenges the will end up costing you money.

Click here to Get Started on your design TODAY.

Vehicle Graphics Design Strategies, Tips and Techniques for Business Owners Focused on Increasing Sales. Understand these strategies and you will virtually guarantee success with Vehicle Graphics Advertising. Ignore them and you could be throwing away money.


You can produce excellent printed results on your banners, posters, signs or vehicle graphics by following the following simple guidelines.

Graphics generally look acceptable printed at 72dpi resolution. If you double the size of an image its printed resolution is halved.

Many sites provide hi resolution images 300dpi and higher for enlargement, but you will need to check the native image-size to make sure that the size-resolution combination to determine how big you can enlarge it.

Graphics generally look and print well when displayed at a minimum of 72 dpi in their native size. Use the following rule of thumb to determine how large you can print raster based images with acceptable quality.

Divide the native resolution of the image by 72 dpi. then multiply by the height or width. This is the maximum height or width you can print the file to produce a good quality output.

For example, if the native file resolution is 300 and you divide by 72 you get approximately four. This means that you can quadruple the size of the image and it will still look good when printed. Use this guideline for all images being inserted into your graphics for best printed result. Of course if the image is being printed for a billboard or will be viewed from a distance you can get away with going a bit larger. For trade show graphics however stay with the 72 dpi. limit.

Keep in mind that you need to start out with a good quality image in the first place.

Best wishes on you next marketing project.

Derek Creavalle
Vehicle graphics Academy

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