Marketing Strategies For Success

Vehicle Wrap Marketing strategies

Vehicle Graphics is a form of INTERRUPTION MARKETING, in order to be successful…

You need to connect within 3 to 6 seconds…

You want them to say “That’s the company I want to do business with”.

So, how do you do this?

Your marketing and message needs to be very focused to be effective.

The first step is to identify your ideal client… the ones that:

  1. Are the most profitable.
  2. Are the most enjoyable.
  3. Will result in multiple repeat transactions.
  4. Will refer more customers.


How do you get them to notice you?

How do you get them to think of you as the best company to solve their problem?

How do you get them to trust you?

How do you get them to pay you what you’re worth?

Here is a simple solution…

We created a Video Workshop to help you

  • Identify your Ideal Client.
  • Understand what makes them tick.
  • Match your offering, so it resonates with them.
  • Creating an irresistible offer that instantly connects with them.

The Workshop was initially created to help our clients brainstorm, so that they are better able to answer the questions on our “Design Request Worksheet”, but I am happy to make it available to any business owner wishing to increase their chances of success using Vehicle Graphics Marketing.

You may get instant access to the “Your Ideal Client Video” for a small token charge of $9.97

Click on the link below and enjoy for an unlimited time.

This resource should be the foundation for all of your future marketing efforts.

Blog Post Title: Really Cool “Traffic Getting” Technique I Found…

by Derek

Hey guys Derek here with just a quick but important post about this traffic getting video my friend George Brown sent me earlier…

First of all… traffic getting? What do I mean by that?

Kind of a weird term I know, so I figured I best explain myself…

Well, in the words of George himself: “if you watch the video and implement the technique it will basically will get you a boatload of traffic to your website”.

Simple enough.

Watch the video, do it and get some extra free targeted traffic to your site, no matter what niche it’s in.

And it works too. George (the techniques “creator”) is using to drive almost 20,000 free visitors to his sites every month. Twenty THOUSAND! That’s nothing to sniff at.

And I’ll say this: This is one technique I’ll be using personally on this and all of my sites. It really is one of the coolest techniques for getting some extra traffic I’ve seen in a long time.

Here’s the link if you want to check it out: (you do have to opt in to get in but that’s all, it’s completely free).

The video gets my highest recommendation and I highly recommend you guys check it out.

Until next time,


Achieving Success With Vehicle Graphics Advertising can transform any business. Its all about driving traffic, so your wrap design strategy needs to be about getting customers to come to you. Once you understand these Advanced Marketing techniques it can be a lot of fun.

Advanced Vehicle Graphics Marketing Strategies.

Understanding what it takes to achieve success with Vehicle Wraps.

Its all about long term.. You want to leave a lasting impression.

Vehicle Graphics on its own is not enough to guarantee success…
You need a back end to support your campaign efforts.