5 Ways To Get Your Drivers Excited About Promoting Your Business

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5 Ways To Get Your Drivers Excited About Promoting Your Business

Imagine if you could turn your entire team into sales evangelists excited to promote your brand and services.

This could transform your business virtually overnight.

Here’s the reality.

Most business owners have to fight a constant battle with their drivers who resent having to drive the company vehicle with the company graphics on it.

I speak to many of these drivers while wrapping their vehicles and realize that most of their concerns are unfounded.

They see driving a company branded vehicle with some loss of anonymity as opposed to a perk.

As a result they consciously or unconsciously:

    • neglect the cleaning and maintenance of their vehicle.
    • park is secluded spots to avoid attention or maintain anonymity.
    • drive without thought of maximizing impressions.

Here are some fun and easy ways to create excitement and avoid all of the above.

Offer an incentive for every lead they are responsible for generating. This does not necessarily have to be in the form of cash. It could be a prize or recognition or show of appreciation.

The key is to make sure it’s measurable and done consistently

way to go, good job, well done, you're the man, thumbs up, you rock - a set of isolated sticky notes with positive affirmation words

Here are Five suggestions:

  1. Add a unique phone number to each vehicle so you are able to track which driver is responsible for the call. There are an number of providers of low cost tracking phone number that make this possible.
  2. Use special offer codes or references for each driver and have them communicate it to potential customers so they get credit for it.
  3. Provide each driver or employee with their own business card with a special promotional code so customers can reference it on your website to receive a bonus or free incentive. This will allow you to track who originated the lead.
  4. Offer a weekly or monthly incentive program or contest for the most leads calls or visitors to your site. This should be a group event so that the top performer is recognized but it should also acknowledge everyone who participated.
  5. Offer prizes for the best maintained vehicle.

The most important thing is to make it fun and tie it into an event. Great rewards can be movie tickets for the whole family so you get the entire family involved in the promotion. Dinner for two.

Participants who made an effort and had at least one lead can get gift coupons from Tim Hortons etc.

The most important aspect is the recognition and excitement surrounded the promotion.

Explain to each of the drivers why it is important and provide suggestion of how to drive and where to park for maximum visibility.

Provide suggestions for promoting your offers or how to making customers aware of your additional suggestions.

Let your team provide suggestions for promoting or share other ideas for promoting.

To get the most out of this strategy your vehicle graphics should be designed to produce a specific result.

We can help you implement a similar strategy so please contact us at 647-930-5347 to discuss ideas.


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