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Van Graphics – What’s your image worth

Van Graphics are associated with Contractors, Tradesmen, Repairmen and Delivery Vehicles. Like it or not, your van is sometimes the only impression a potential customer has of you. The first thing they do when you knock on their doors, is to look at you van, to see who they are dealing with. The overall impression they form of you and your van, will in many cases dictate what they are willing to spend on your services.

Some busy tradesmen believe that it is not necessary to invest in vehicle graphics, since they are not actively trying to solicit new business. They don’t realize, that by improving their impression, they could potentially increase their profitability on each job. Most are so focused on providing a service, that they don’t really understand the value of making an impression.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes made with their Van Graphics and how you can avoid them.

No Marketing Strategy
Trying to appeal to everyone with no focused message, so the result is you appeal to NO-ONE. It is extremely important to first decide who you’re targeting and position your solution to speak to their needs. Ignore everyone else. This holds true for all vinyl vehicle wraps.

Too Much Information
Trying to cram too much information on a small space on the vehicle is counter productive. They don’t want to leave out any of their services. This result is text that overwhelms the reader, so they tune out and don’t read anything. Keep it clean and simple. Give them a reason to say, “that’s the company I want to do business with.” Make it easier for them to read your information quickly.

Unattractive Design
Most Tradesmen simply underestimate the value of an attractive well-designed graphic. It’s ironic as they might be dealing with home owners that have a keen eye for design. Well designed van graphics does not have to include any actual graphic images, but the less graphics you have, the more important the font style, color, size and placement on the vehicle. You can create a very attractive design using just simple lettering and your company logo. Monotone, text colors with cluttered, blocky letters devalues your services.

Not Spending Enough
It’s important not to overspend but the quality of the vinyl can vary significantly, and the real value is in the design and installation expertise. Make sure you spend what you need to, so you get the best possible image on your vehicle. What’s your image worth to you? If you cant’s afford to do it right, you should hold off, as you will be stuck with it for at least 3 years. It could make a huge difference in your bottom line.

Don’t Frustrate People
Have you ever seen  van wraps, or other vinyl vehicle wraps, with elaborate images and a caption like ,”Cordell Stone”, but you have no idea what they do with stone? Doesn’t it make you frustrated? If you plan on capturing people’s attention, you owe it to them to communicate what you do, or it’s frustrating and rude in my opinion.

You image is extremely important and Van Graphics can be an extremely powerful marketing tool, so find a good designer or vehicle graphics design company, that understands marketing, to help you create and attractive image for your business. Make sure you take all the time you need, to really understand who you’re targeting. Your message needs to appeal to them, within 3 seconds. Don’t do what  everyone else in your industry is doing. Remember, your goal is to stand out not blend in with your Van Graphics.
Derek Creavalle is the founder of a resource dedicated to helping Small Business Owners achieve success with Vehicle Graphics Advertising.

His passion for Marketing and Entrepreneurial spirit has resulted in creating a Step By Step System to simplify the process and virtually guarantee success with Van Graphics.

If you are interested in using Vehicle Graphics to promote your business make sure you take advantage of the information on Car Vinyl Wraps .

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