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Vehicle Wraps Advertising For Contractors

Contractors are one of the most common users of Vehicle Graphics and Wrap Advertising. This is without question one of the most practical and cost-effective forms of marketing for the busy contractor on a budget. Unfortunately most are poorly done and simply do not adhere to effective marketing strategies so they are a waste of money.

Here are some helpful guidelines if you are a contractor interested in getting creating a flood of customers while staying within your budget.

Step 1. Focus Your Marketing: Decide on exactly who your ideal customer is and base your message on addressing a problem they are actively looking for a solution to. You will need to give some careful thought to this as your objective is to create a message that will resonate with them, no one else. This should be short, clear and concise.

Step 2. Decide How Much You Can Afford To Spend:  Establish a budget for your graphics and remember that this is a marketing investment so your focus should be on maximizing your return on investment not on minimizing cost. Spend as much as you can afford to but not less than you NEED TO. The graphics will last for three to five years so you will be stuck with it for a while. Keep this in mind when establishing your budget.

Step 3. Select a Vehicle Graphics Company:  Once you have a budget and clear idea of who you are targeting you will be in a better position to interview a Vehicle Graphics Company to help you accomplish your objective. Let them know what you budget is and ask what they would do for you based on your objective. Remember the amount of coverage is not as important as the message, and design. The company you select should understand marketing and vehicle Graphics Advertising

Step 4. Evaluate the Design: Evaluate the design based on your ideal customer and how well it resonates with them rather than something you like personally. It should be memorable to THEM.
One of the most powerful aspects of Vehicle Graphics Advertising for Contractors is the fact that their vehicles are parked in residential or industrial areas while they are doing a job in the ideal target client’s area. Since they are in the neighborhood it acts as social proof for neighbors looking for similar service. The side of the vehicle acts as a large billboard so make sure that your message and contact information is boldly displayed.
Prospects will judge you by your vehicle so make sure that the design look clean and is consistent with what they would expect from you. Your logo is not as important as the solution you are communication to them. Your contact information will be irrelevant if you are unable to connect with them. Keep it clean and simple to allow them to focus on the message.

Graphics can be extremely powerful but only if it resonates with your target. A well targeted caption can be just as effective at a lower cost. Text colours and fonts become more critical as you reduce the amount of coverage. The less you plan on spending the more important the design of the text.

Park so that your vehicle is visible from as many angles as possible. Put a special offer on the vehicle that will cause a large percentage of people who see it to go to your website to claim it. Make sure you capture their information and create an auto responder sequence to send them valuable information on an ongoing basis.

If you do most of the above you will be well on your way and ahead of 90% of other contractors who simply slap their company name and offerings on their vans as a means of Vehicle Graphics Advertising.


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