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How To Add Text Messaging To Your Arsenal

Combining Vehicle Graphics with Text Messaging can transform you ability to attract new clients!

Vehicle Graphics is recognized as the most powerful and cost effective way to reach local clients.

Until now the challenge HAS been that:

  1. you only have a limited amount of space… and time to communicate your message.
  2. customers can easily find another company online that provide similar service – so their is no real incentive to remember your URL or Phone number…
    Even if they’re interested – it’s too much of a challenge to try and record or remember.

The Solution:

Make it easier for them to record and store your contact information.

The NEW Text Messaging Marketing Services offers an excellent solution… that is working really well right now.

How you can implement into you local marketing.

  1. Register with a text messaging marketing service in Canada such as:
    eztexting – which allows you to have customers text a word of your choosing to 393939 to receive an automated text message from you.

    For example: Text “lawnman” to 393939 to receive a free consultation.
    Once they text they would receive your automated reply which could include your URL, phone number or special offer.They also have the option to be added to your text marketing list or
  2. Add the text offer to your vehicle graphics i.e. (Text “lawnman” to 393939 to receive a free consultation)

Now the have all of your contact information saved on their phone and are able to review your offer at their leisure.

This is extremely powerful strategy if used properly.

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss in more detail.




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