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The Wall Graphic Transformation

Wall graphics has the power to enhance, set the mood, create a theme, tell a story or transform a space.

The following is case study of how our client in Vaughan (north of Toronto), created an environment for inspiration.

Wall graphics were initially used to bring this boardroom to life using a Caribbean Island theme. This simple addition created and environment for lively, inspiring meetings.

wall graphics boardroom

Boardroom Wall Graphics Caribbean Theme

Wall graphics were later added to the executive lunchroom to create a scenic Mediterranean theme that produced a sense of awe for everyone who occupied it.

wall graphics lunch room

Lunch Room wall graphics

Since the boardroom was most frequently used by members of an Exotic Italian Car Club, they decided to change the boardroom theme to an Italian Amalfi Coastal theme.

Wall graphics - boardroom italian

Boardroom wall graphics – Italian theme

The results were stunning and stimulated conversations and memories for anyone who visited those areas. Suffice to say that it was exceptionally well received and a welcomed part of the club meetings.

The initial graphics were installed directly to the drywall with a small trim for framing in some areas.

wall graphics panels

New graphics applied on panels to protect existing print

Since the client did not want to destroy the original Caribbean theme graphics we applied the new graphics to a polystyrene sheet and applied to the walls using special double sided tape.

wall graphics panels applied

Wall graphics panels being applied

Even though the panels were cut to create an almost invisible seam, we also applied a thin strip of printed graphics that was identical to the seam area to create an overlap the make the seam invisible. See results below.


New Italian theme graphics panels

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