We offer warranty on all of our Vehicle Graphics / Wrap installations to make sure that your wrap will look great for years.

Here is what you can expect from us:

We thoroughly clean specific areas with special solvents to maximize the bonding of the vinyl to the body of your vehicle. In the event that the vinyl start to lift simply notify us immediately and we will schedule a time to bring the vehicle in to rectify.

Our installations are backed by:

3 year warranty on adhesion of the vinyl to the body applied to metal parts. (Plastic parts such as moldings, trim and bumpers are not covered under warranty as the properties of some of these materials provide challenges for vinyl to stick properly) We will review these areas with you prior to installation.

1 year on vinyl applied to glass surfaces (see through perforated window film or regular opaque vehicle vinyl)

The warranty does not cover instances where the vinyl is damaged by chemicals, abrasive material such as car washes or ice scrapers.

You will be provides with suggestions to help you clean and care for your wrap so you are able to maximize the life of your wrap.

The vinyls we use are also backed by the manufactures warranty which varies from 3 to 5 years depending upon the manufacturer. Manufacturers warranties cover premature cracking of the vinyl

We will be happy to discuss any warranty questions that you might have as out goal is to make sure you have a great looking wrap for years to come.